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Objective: Providing mechanical & technical consulting to meet client needs related to engine research, development and testing for the Automotive & Aerospace Industries. Services include engine development, engine testing, test cell specification, installation, instrumentation, and data acquisition and control.

Summary: Highly experienced in the research, development and testing of internal combustion engines, propulsion systems, and turbo-machinery. Knowledgeable of computers, especially related to software development, data acquisition, test instrumentation, test methods, test control, modeling, data reduction and analysis. Engineering manager & project management experience related to project execution, research & development, product development & testing, and manufacturing support. Experience includes complete project execution from client interface, test requirement definition, and proposal generation, to test execution, data analysis and reporting. Includes promotion to, and interface with, single and multiple clients.


       Performing mechanical and technical consulting services for firms on a contract basis. Mechanical and technical services provided include:

  Conducted research and development on internal combustion engines, including mechanical component selection, combustion design/development, performance/power development, emissions testing, engine durability testing, and alternative and conventional fuels testing.

  Conducted engine testing and development on a 7.6L Navistar natural gas alternative fuel engine.

  Managed numerous engine development/durability projects and test cell activities, including a high-speed engine fuels test program evaluating Formula 1 racing fuels.

  Conducted design, development, test and calibration of electronic fuel control systems for gasoline and alternative fuel engines. Adapted test cell-developed engine electronic controls to an engine running in a vehicle.

  Experienced with automotive engine high-speed cylinder pressure data acquisition and analysis.

  Conducted engine testing with cylinder pressure analysis of peak pressure and location of peak pressure to determine effects of spark timing and air-fuel ratio in different combustion chambers.

  Specified test cell instrumentation, interface to data acquisition, and calibration requirements

  Specified and supervised the installation and testing of engines in dynamometer test cells, including the specification of dynamometers, drive motors, and the design of driveline components.

  Identified testing needs, developed test cell specifications, and designed engine test cells for clients.

  Specified & installed PCs for data acquisition, data analysis, and test/process control of engine test cells.

  Knowledgeable of basic control theory, and proficient in the use of National Instruments hardware and LabVIEW software for test and control purposes, specifically for engine test cells and test stands.

  Wrote LabVIEW software for engine test cell data acquisition and control, including data analysis.

  Wrote LabVIEW software for high speed cylinder pressure data acquisition and analysis.

  Specified National Instruments hardware for test cell data acquisition, including instrumentation to work with the data acquisition system (temperatures, pressures, fuel flow, engine speed, etc.).

  Wrote LabVIEW software for a hydraulic pressure test stand, controlling pressure cycles to a test article. Software controlled pressure, frequency, pressure waveform, and recorded data for each cycle.

  Designed, specified, and supervised the construction and commission of a dedicated turbocharger test facility.

  Proficient with turbo-machinery, and in turbocharger test methods using SAE standards.

  Presented technical reports and technical presentations to clients for project status and final reporting.

  Designed and developed gas turbine engine computer software models for aircraft flight simulators, including helicopter turbo-shafts and fighter aircraft turbofans.

  Designed new engine thermodynamic models for improved simulation fidelity and performance.

  Modeled various turbine engine fuel control systems, learning their logic and functions.

  Specified requirements for, analyzed, and reduced engine flight test data for use in computer models.

  Integrated individual engine software models within complete aircraft flight simulator systems.

  Responsible for design, procurement, and testing of experimental gas turbine engine components for military engines used in fighter aircraft.

  Tasks involved planning, scheduling, cost tracking, coordination of support group efforts, procurement, assembly, testing, and evaluation of experimental aircraft gas turbine engine hardware.

  Provided engineering support for field problem investigations, component failure analysis, production assistance, and field inspection and evaluation of lead-the-fleet hardware.

  Technical lead on AIRPRINT project for the Air Force; performing front-end analyses on the processes, methods, and software tools to guide the conduct of Human Systems Integration (HSI) efforts.

  Provided technical input and engineering analysis where required to support the project goals.

  Undergraduate research assistant on NASA Lewis Research Center sponsored-project Reformed Methanol as an Automotive Fuel, testing alternative automotive fuels on a dynamometer-mounted engine.

Management services provided include:

o    Performed technical management and oversight of projects using a systems engineering approach, insuring technical requirements were met on time and under budget.

o    Manager of an engineering mechanics group consisting of seven engineers, draftsmen, and technical staff.

o    Responsible for performance reviews and appraisals for employees, setting goals and measuring progress.

o    Provided business development functions, including defining and executing department goals, and selecting and implementing technical standards and processes.

o    Participated in implementing a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) program for continuous process integration and product improvement, working towards Level II CMMI certification.

o    Project manager responsibilities include complete project oversight, including client interface, test requirement definition, proposal generation (scope, cost, and schedule), test execution, data analysis, and reporting to clients.

o    Responsible for daily activities of laboratory technicians, including drawing on capabilities of other professionals as required, mentoring junior engineers and team leadership of several other engineers.

Non-confidential client companies to date for which services have been provided include:

Power Solutions, Inc., Wood Dale, IL: Engine test cell specification and design; engine testing support, data acquisition system design and build, engine dynamometer and support systems installation and support.

Emission Solutions, Inc., McKinney, Tx: Engine testing, development, and calibration on a 7.6l natural gas engine.

Danbury Aerospace, Inc., San Antonio, Tx: Engine & cylinder pressure testing, data acquisition and data analysis; test cell data acquisition system design, specification, installation, and commissioning.

Viryd Technologies, Inc., Austin, Tx: Data acquisition and control systems for wind turbine test stands.

Torad Engineering, LLC, Alpharetta, Ga: Compressor test stand data acquisition, cycle-resolved pressure data collection, and compressor & engine technical consulting.

SpecPro Technical Services, Inc., San Antonio, Tx: Contracting on AIRPRINT Project for the Air Force.

ICE Prototyping, Inc., Boerne, Tx: Provided LabVIEW process control system for shop equipment.

Texas Management Associates, Inc., San Antonio, Tx: Contracting on Government Projects.



Texas A&M University 1978-1982 College Station, Tx

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, including elective courses in internal combustion engines, automotive, turbo-machinery, and combustion. Worked as undergraduate research assistant in engine power laboratory during senior year, testing alternate fuels on a dynamometer-mounted automotive engine.


o    National Instruments LabVIEW hardware and software data acquisition and control

o    DSP Technology ADAPT/ACAP RedLine high-speed cylinder pressure data acquisition and analysis

o    Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) training for process integration and product improvement

Professional Organizations / Awards:

o    Member - Society of Automotive Engineers

o    Awarded Patent No. 6,962,143; High-Efficiency, Low Emission Gasoline Engine for Heavy-Duty Applications